Pending Vertigo

Pending Vertigo pending vertigo, pending clarity.   my attention folds in doubt and contortion (this is a vertigo of sorts) not of conviction, but focus. Polemic folds poetic, every scratch; every silence, every stylistic tugging.  Remember forgetting.  If philosophy were religion, writing would be sacrosanct   profane, the mark is the historic tissue of understanding [...]


London In Silence

London In Silence by Maximilian Eduard Bloching “3 am is eternal. 3 am is infernal. It´s the time at which fear and sadness and regret rack up so that it becomes impossible to get to sleep. 3 am is the dark heart of the city, when the silent night amplifies the din in our skulls, returns [...]

Notes on Abstraction and Uselessness: Kazimir Malevich, Suprematism, and Constructivism

Notes on Abstraction and Uselessness: Kazimir Malevich, Suprematism, and Constructivism by So Yoon Ryu In December 1915, Russian artist Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) introduced the first Black Square. Hung on the ceiling between two walls of the exhibition hall, the painting seemed nothing more than a hastily painted square floating over the thirty-inch-long white canvas. Every [...]

Jeromé: The Relief of a Resurrection

Jeromé: The Relief of a Resurrection (...) a cathartic pilgrimage by Dünya Öztekin ‘The desirous is the one who waits.’ The waiting: Cravings, fragments, silences. She said destroy. (She asks, she demands). [Waiting]: An anxious hope for pleasure and relief, for something that is (always) perceived to be not present. Desire is very much related [...]